Monday, August 10, 2009


I am officially obsessed with this wall and cannot wait to begin the hunt for the letters I am going to use when I copy this amazingly adorable idea!

Although I have this idea in my head of what I want the baby's room to look like...finding the stuff that I have in my head is turning out to be IMPOSSIBLE! Boys rooms are soooooo difficult as are their clothes and names. Everytime I get online to search for new and fun ideas (Which has become quite the nightly ritual) I am bombarded with yucky themes and pattern overloads! Why can't I just tell somebody what I want, and then they can just go and do it all for me; all for free of course. YIKES! I will continue my search and try to update as I go along.


Kristi & Austin said...

Are you nuts! There are so many cute things out there for boys these days! Go to all the baby boutiques. You will fall in love!!! Thats where my boys were dressed until they hit 6 months and could fit into Hurley and quicksilver, then your good to go. and rooms, OMG there is so many fun stuff themes, you must be out of your mind!!!

Camille Witter said...

Tell me what letters you're in search of and I'll find cool different onese over here.

Whitney said...

I know what you mean, I don't really care for the whole theme approach either. Too matchy matchy and it doesn't seem cozy. Check out this cute Martha Stewart nursery

Even if you skip out on the clothes line, the wall color is the perfect blue. Not too babyish, but calming and refreshing.

Arnett said...

Ooh I love those letters too! I don't know which is my favorite...the framed n, the button o, or the curly t. So fun!