Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day weekend

In our house we love extra long weekends! We always come up with a whole list of things we want to accomplish and places we want to go. By the end of the first day we quickly realize we were a bit overzealous. So we scale back (a bit) and in the end we just wind up spending most of our time just relaxing. Well, by Saturday night, I started wishing we had gone on at least on adventure. - this feeling was also partially prompted by my sister in law texting me saturday night with the proposal that we go up north and leave the boys. By the time we has gone to sleep, all hope of an adventure had subsided. I woke up to my husband proposing we pack up some things and head north.

Really?! For the night? Like leave now? OK!

We had jumped head first into adventure-ville! Yes, that's a real place.

We quickly threw things together and we were off; headed to Heber to stay at my cousins cabin. The drive was nice. I love watching the temperature gauge slowly drop the closer we get. Connor slept most of the way, and when we got there the wind was CRAZY! Connor was running around like a maniac getting into all of the new treasures and Jon was trying to turn on the water. After about an hour, a little conversation took place between the two of us; it resulted in the three of us getting back in the car and heading back home.

Of course we could not end our adventure there. So, we stopped at Christopher creek and had some lunch while Connor ran out all of his crazies. The weather was perfect and I loved watching Connor discover a whole new world.

Connor seriously thought it was Christmas when he got his first look at the creek!

He couldn't wait to get in the water.
And he found a sweet stick to play with!

He is turning into such a big boy!

The trip was a lot of fun regardless of the change in plans. I wouldn't have changed it for anything!

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