Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 Great Years!

Happy Anniversary to us!

It is so crazy to think about how far we have come. What started out as a harmless co-worker crush has turned into this.

I feel like I owe so much to Jon. He has given me more than most could even imagine! I am so lucky to have ended up as his wife.

These first two years have been so full of excitement and good times. I'm not sure anyone is ever done learning how to be married. Just when you think you've got it down, something changes and you have to relearn. I'm just so glad he's the person I get to forever learn and grow with!

Nothing is ever perfect and I think Marriage is definitely no exception to the rule. But having Jon as a husband definitely makes it easier!

I can't wait for the many years of crazy, fun, busy, and loving life we have to come!