Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Love!

I cannot believe my baby is already 1. This first year has flown by. He has filled our home with so many laughs and great memories. He is such a smart boy and is so FULL of energy. I miss my sweet new born but I love the crazy boy he is turning into.

We had a great party at a park in our neighborhood. Connor loves to play outside and even though he had an ear infection, enjoyed ALMOST every second of the day.


Connor got this sweet ride for his Birthday from his Mom and Dad. He loves to climb in and out of this thing!


Have I mentioned how smart he is? Here he is answering the questions, “Connor, how old are you?” LOVE HIM!


Of course, response has been conditioned to be followed by immediate clapping and celebration!


Present time!

We knew Connor would do well at opening present’s because he has always LOVED to rip and destroy paper (See Previous post).




And then he got tired of Mom and Dad taking the toys he just worked so hard to open!


Bad picture warning! But, too good to not put it in!


Hmmm… What could possibly cheer up a 1 year old after being robbed of new toys? CUPCAKE!






Yes, he loved it.

So, 1 year ago, that sweet face was born and I could not have asked for a greater blessing! I hope he always knows and feels how much we truly love and adore him!

A few fun facts about this BIG BOY!

-Connor LOVES to be outside. He loves to carry rocks around with him while he explores.

-He says, DaDa, Bye, BaBa, Ball, More, Cheese, Cracker, Cat, Bird, outside, Night night, NaNa (Grandma) and our personal favorite (while shaking his finger) Na Na No!

- He signs, More, eat, thank you, ball.

- He can climb out of and on pretty much anything.

- He loves to open and close everything.

- He loves to drink out of water bottles.

- If Dad takes the lock off of the entertainment center, Connor instantly stops whatever he is doing to SPRINT over to check it all out.

- He has inherited the love for all things electronic disease. OBSESSED!

- He will find a button on anything if it exists.

- He loves taking baths and splashes around like a maniac.

- He LOVES ducks- rubber, cartoon, real- you name they type, he loves it. He even quacks.

- Favorite foods- Crackers, Cheese, Applesauce, Avocado.

I think I better stop now because I most definitely could go on forever!


Connor, thank you so much for brightening every day a little more. You are truly a special spirit and I Love you more than I could ever imagine possible! I cherish every small second I have with you and I can’t wait to see you grow. (But, if at all possible, could you please just stay small for a bit longer. Like, forever?)