Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warning- Longest post EVER ahead!


I know, I know, I am TERRIBLE at this blog thing! So much has happened since the last post and just so I don’t bore you to death, I will keep the words short and the pictures long!

First, I need to share with you what a busy boy we have on our hands! He is always up to something!

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C-E:


Exhibit F:



Trust me when I say, these are only a few of many pictures of this boy at his finest! I LOVE watching him play; he always has some sort of plan and you can see it in his face. He’s a thinker and a mover!


Labor Day Vacation

For Labor Day we were able to take a nice needed vacation to my Dad’s house in New Mexico. Connor had such a fun time playing with Grandpa Steve and Grandma D’Ann. Of course Jon and I enjoyed the visit too! It was nice to escape to nicer weather and just enjoy family time.

We spent a day shopping in town followed by a little splashing in the creek.

Step 1. Feet testing out the water

photo 1

Step 2. Splash away and investigate.

 photo 5 (2)

Sorry Connor, Mom says, “Don’t eat rocks!”

photo 5

And of course that happens to be hilarious. If you don’t already know, this boy LOVES water. He loves to drink it, and play in it. The water was so chilly and it did not prevent this guy from jumping right in.

The next day we took a trip to White Sands, Alamagordo to visit more family.

Connor’s introduction to sand-

photo 1 (8)


CIMG1040Well of course he tasted it!


CIMG1053Connor and Grandpa Steve! The were such good buds!

It was the perfect time of day and the sunset was beautiful.


All in all, a very successful trip!


Children’s Museum

Connor and I took a fun trip to the Children’s museum in Mesa with My sister in-law Kristen and Connor’s cousins, Kate and Olivia.

The Children’s museum was so fun and it was nice to be able to let him get down and explore.

Connor and Kate diving into fun!

Connor Loved this toy. For awhile he forgot about all the other amazing things he could get in to.


Mom, is this ok?

Craft Table. Kate and Connor just wanted to eat the glue sticks. But still, entertaining.


Olivia had so much fun making a spider with Mommy!


SNACK TIME! Connor thought it would be a great idea to dump all the snacks out in a giant pile on the table. And he stands by that decision.



So, we didn’t get too many pictures (I know, bad Mom) But we were too busy having fun and chasing him everywhere.

We fell upon the costume decision based on his strange love for light sabers!

So, he was DARTH VADER


It was pretty much impossible to catch him with the hat on.


He sure did love his sucker though!

Oh yah, and then there was this…

Jon works in a classroom with kid’s with special needs and they happen to love the wiggles. He is such a good sport!

And of course we had some fun with the wig. Sorry Connor, Mommy and Daddy Love you!


Sorry for stealing what most likely felt like a lifetime from you! But, how was I supposed to leave any of that out?

And so, I will leave you with this. A big thank you for stopping by from the boy we love so much-



Erich and Katie said...

Busy busy boy!! Hopefully all his girlfriends wont be able to catch up with him. We want to go to the childrens museum with you guys when mads gets older:)

Jon and Holly said...

Yes! She will LOVE it! There are plenty of ceilings!

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

O my gosh I can't believe he is so big! He is so handsome too! You should let me take him off your hands for an afternoon soon:) Miss you guys!

Arnett said...

Excellent update! I love the White Sands pictures, so pretty! And Connor's brown eyes are to die for!

Jon and Holly said...

Kenzi, I will have to check his schedule but I'm pretty surehehas openings every Friday for thenextfew years! We miss you guys.when will you guys be home?