Monday, September 7, 2009

New Obsession!!!

I don't even need to explain why I LOVE this nursery! I think it is possibly the first theme I have actually even considered. SOOOOO adorable! Mostly I am in love with the color palette. I think it will be perfect for a little boy and easy to carry over into an older, more mature room decor.


justin & mallory coffman said...

Hey Holly! So happy I found your blog! I can't believe you are pregnant, congratulations!!! That is so exciting, I am very happy for you! Hope you and Jon are doing great!!!

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Holly! Seriously a brilliant surprise/ blessing that I get to stock your blog now:) haha First I would have to agree that room is so cute, second I cant believe you are having a baby! Im so happy for you guys, and Connor is an awesome name, I bet your just grateful you settled on something;) hahah ahh well thanks again for allowing me access to this beautiful blog of yours, im glad I get to keep up with you john and that sweet little baby you will be having! I hope everything is going well!

ps thanks so much for coming to our sealing:)That meant a lot to us!