Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give Love to L.I.F.E. !!!!!!

As most of you already know, Jon and I work for a wonderful non-profit organization that provides therapies for children with disabilities (L.I.F.E.). Due to the fact that they are only in the beginning of their second year of business, the center has to come up with a variety of ways to raise money to continue to provide services to these amazing kids. So, L.I.F.E. is having a benefit concert to raise some money. I actually don't know the bands who are playing except for Jon's brother Jamie's band The Corduroys. It is going to be a really good show and all the money goes to L.I.F.E. If you want to check out the bands here are a few links to their music.
The Corduroys
Some Never Sleep
Junk Ditch Road

It will be a fun time! So, if you enjoy socializing, feel like supporting a great place for these kids to continue coming to, or just want to listen to some live music, COME PLEASE!

p.s. you can help spread the word to get more people to come by posting this flier on your blogs!!

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